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Dec. 22nd, 2011

ezio, assassin's creed


Bird's Curry

This curry is a really big hit. My friend Aia likes it so much that she told me that she would be happy if I made her a batch when I asked her what she wanted for Christmas. I gave her a little kit with the recipe and main ingredients instead, and now I'm going to share it with you guys~

It feeds anywhere from three to five people, with varying amounts of leftovers.

I like it spicier, but if you like a milder curry you can halve the cayenne safelyCollapse )

Dec. 20th, 2011




These are awesome cookies. I made them yesterday for the first time since I was a little girl and I still love them. It's a mostly traditional crunchy gingerbread, not soft or sticky, though the dough is quite sticky. You have to roll them out, and then you can have mass fun with cooky cutters. Mum has an awesome collection of them, and so we had some interesting shapes. Including dad's gingerbread robot.

Puppy helped with them this time, and they made the house smell all warm and Christmasy.

Happy whatever-holiday-you-celebrate! I hope you have a good holiday.

Recipe from the Betty Crocker Cookbook

A cooky for kids, to be sure, but it's also fun when you're older!Collapse )

Jul. 31st, 2011

moriarty, IT


French Toast

So, this recipe was Sunday brunch the weekend that Puppy and Panda were over.

In a strange course of events, this recipe was reccomended to me by someone I filled a writing prompt for over at sherlockbbc_fic. It's quite the wonderful recipe, though I thought it could use a little more cinnamon and possibly some nutmeg.

It was Panda's first experience with French toast, and she quite liked it~ At least, she said she did. Yes~

We actually filmed the making of this, but it's going to have to wait until we can get someone to edit the video~

Hmm. I am possibly abusing the tildes again. But they're so curly~ ~~~~~~<3

Recipe from AllRecipes.com

What makes this toast French? Does anyone know?Collapse )

Jul. 29th, 2011

pink floyd


French Silk Frosting

A rather sweet frosting, it's best paired with a milder cake, such as Black Midnight Cake. It's quite pretty when finished, and a lot more fussy than, say, Cream Cheese Frosting, but really only because of the chocolate. Double boilers, grrr.

Recipe from the Betty Crocker Cookbook

French Silk Frosting

2 2/3 cups powdered sugar
2/3 cup softened butter
2 oz. melted unsweetened chocolate, cooled
¾ tsp vanilla extract
2 tbsp milk

In small mixer bowl, blend butter, sugar, chocolate, and vanilla, and blend on low speed. Gradually add in milk and beat until smooth and fluffy.


Black Midnight Cake

This has to be one of the best damn chocolate cakes ever. So good, not too dry, not too not-chocolatey. Because that's totally a word. This is one of the things I did with Panda and Puppy when they were over last weekend. We were totally up half the night, but it was worth it~

Also, this cake features the best job of frosting that I have ever done~ I was very proud of myself - thick is to make a double batch of the frosting. You're bound to have leftovers, but that's what graham crackers and spoons exist for.

Panda says: Flippin' delicious chocolateness and frosting. The frosting was a little too sweet, but, less sugar could probably fix that. Would love to try it with pudding in the batter.

Puppy is far too full of incoherent flailing to comment.

Recipe from the Betty Crocker Cookbook

Best chocolate cake~ *singing*Collapse )

Jul. 27th, 2011

ship everyone


[repost] Oladi

This is a repost, as one of the accounts is being purged.

...Which are, essentially, Russian pancakes. A couple differences, though, oladi are fried, and they are much softer inside than regular pancakes. They're also a lot lighter in texture and everything.

I screwed up the first batch, because the batter was too thin. Once I got that corrected they were pretty easy, though flipping can be a mite tricksy. They are quite good, although this recipe doesn't seem to make very many. I'd suggest doubling it if you're doing a big family breakfast, or lunch, or dinner or whatever floats your boat, really. I am a very laid-back person. It's also too hot to really care about anything. But whatever.

If you cannot find kefir: we theorize that if you mix a little milk into some plain yoghurt it might work fine. But we are not sure. Try at your own risk. Kefir can usually be found at multicultural or specialty markets.

There are very good served warm with honey, and mama likes them with jam.

Recipe from this lovely blog

Good with jam and best with honey. In case you hadn't noticed, I'm on a Russian cuisine kick~Collapse )
ship everyone


[repost] Pelmeni

This is a repost, as one of the accounts is being purged.

This is a (from what I gather) fairly traditional Russian recipe. It is slightly finicky, though, so don't try it if you aren't patient. (PATIENCE IS KEY.) The whole molding thing takes quite a while. No more, however, than rosenmunnar (which I was intending to make for dessert but ran out of energy for), which I have not yet put up. Perhaps tomorrow, as they are quite tasty, and I think I espied a jar of red plum jam in the pantry.

Nom, jam.

But anyway, this is a very rewarding recipe! This recipe makes a tasty, filling meal for four, which can easily be doubled if you have a dinner party~ They also freeze very well prior to cooking.

Recipe from this lovely blog

I am only slightly obsessed with multicultural foodstuffs, Y/Y?Collapse )
ship everyone


[repost] Glazed Lemon Bundt Cake

This is a repost, as one of the accounts is being purged.

Mmmm, so I thought I'd post this one, even though I'm kinda ravenous (I'm one of those kinds of people who eat a little a lot instead of a lot a little, and that makes me hungry at the strangest times) and it's the middle of the night. And I should really actually be working on a couple stories (mmm, Russia/Canada), but whatevs.

So this is a very nice cake, even if the pics don't look as pretty as they should *frownyfais* I could not for the life of me locate our scalloped bundt pan, so I had to make due with the regular one. *pouts* Also, random trufax, spellchecker on Firefox doesn't like the word 'bundt'. It wants to make it either 'bundle' or 'bunny'. We are not, however, making a bunny cake, as interesting a challenge as that would be. Although I do want to eventually try to make a palatable fruitcake. However, I am allergic to several types of nuts, so this will probably be somewhat challenging.

Anyways, that's neither here nor there. You must pour the glaze very slowly on the cake (make sure that the cake is still warm, or it won't soak it up as well!) in order for it to soak in properly, and not just run off the sides.

Recipe from the Betty Crocker Cookbook

Lemon is one of my all-time favourite flavours to play with...Collapse )
ezio, assassin&#39;s creed


Cranberry-Orange Scones

This is one of the recipes I screwed around with until I liked it~ I thought, cranberry+orange=yum, and went searching. I did not really find, but I found a cranberry scone recipe that I proceeded to lovingly butcher into this, which was excellent and delicious. Sooo. This is my own recipe, folks! Not my mum's or scrounged from a cookbook. My own, my precious.

So, I think it turned out very good. The only one who didn't like it was my best buddy Panda, but that's because she doesn't like fruit in food, the little weirdo.

Very yummy in my opinion. Oranges and cranberries go ridiculously well together.Collapse )

Jul. 23rd, 2011

internet, epic shit


Honey Chicken Over Snow Pea Rice

Soooo. My dear Puppy and Panda came over today and we made supper. It was fun, and chaotic, and we decided that Rachel Ray lies when she says it's a 30-minute meal. That or we're just horribly disorganized. BUT it was tons of fun~ ALL THE DISORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD.

The redhead is Bird (myself), the brunette is Panda, and the Korean girl is Puppy.

My dear Puppy says: "It was good, it was good, it was good and then it was good some more!"

My dear Panda says: "A very sweet meal with a hint of red pepper."

Recipe from: 365: No Repeats by Rachel Ray

This was an altogether fun evening. Huzzah~Collapse )

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